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Is it just me… February 20, 2006

Posted by rockysays in general, videogames.

PlayStation 3…does anyone else think the PlayStation 3 is really bloody ugly?! It’ll probably look more at home next to modern TVs than the XBox 360, but that’s no excuse. If they really want it to be such a desirable must-have item, I personally think it needs to be sexier than this



1. Nathan Pitman - February 21, 2006

Hey, I totally agree, I thought the XBox360 was a little uninspired when it first debuted but when I first saw shots of the PS3 I was devestated that Sony could invest such minimal creativity in a console which is technically so advanced. I’m hoping those ‘Conceptual Design’ labels we keep seeing are becuase they’re going to roll something totally different out at the last minute and blow us all away.

My opinion right now is that I’d rather have the 360 sat by my TV, it looks far more ‘solid’ where the PS3 looks ‘plastic’.

2. Mike - March 16, 2006

The 360 is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen, would not put it next to my TV – I think the PS3 looks ok, although I have only seen the photo, the real thing would look dif. The PS3 has smoth lines in its design where as the 360 looks like a video console designed in the mid 80’s, ugly, ugly !

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