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8GB PSP on the way?! February 23, 2006

Posted by rockysays in general, news, videogames.

The DigiTimes says, “According to market sources, Sony plans to release a version of its PSP (PlayStation Portable) using NAND flash from Samsung Electronics in the second half of this year.” Further on in the article it states that the updated PSP will feature 8GB of NAND memory! That’s a helluva lot of game saves, and easily enough to house the entire Star Wars saga in MP4 format.
Now there’s a dilemma; I was planning to get a PSP in the next few weeks. Should I wait and see what Sony announce? It would certainly be a bummer if I bought a PSP with its poxy 32MB memory card now, just for an 8GB version to be released in a few months’ time. But if it turns out to be completely untrue, I might end up needlessly denying myself months of PSP fun. What a decision



1. TooTH_PIK - March 17, 2006

man this is gonna suk for current psp owners (ME).

2. yendik - September 25, 2006

does the psp games from the united states work on united kingdom psp consules looking to but games in the states

3. rockysays - September 26, 2006

yendik –
PSP games are completely region free, so you can play US games on a UK PSP no problem. Incidentally, I’ve just downgraded my PSP firmware from v2.71 to v1.5. Now I can run homebrew – it’s great!

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