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PS3 to be launched worldwide in November, PSP gets price cut & Flash compatibility March 15, 2006

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This might be bad news for Japan who were clinging to hopes they would get Sony’s next console some time in Spring as initially proposed, but for us in the UK who were facing a rumoured 2007 release, this is pretty good news.

If Sony get their release strategy right, it would be a great PR victory over Microsoft. Little Ken could blather on about how they’ve learned from the mistakes MS made with the 360 and so on and so forth.

Apparently the basic unit will ship with a 60GB hard drive and will be fully backwards compatible with both PS1 and PS2. I kind of get the feeling that these little slithers of information have been specifically picked (I’m sure they could tell us more if they wanted to) in direct response to the challenge from the XBox360. Well, it works for me – I was seriously considering buying a 360 in the next few weeks (for once in my life I’ve got some spare cash), but now I’m not so sure.

Oh, and not forgetting the PSP, apparently a “base unit” will be available in Europe from March 22nd for 199 Euro (about £140). US gamers will get the base unit for $199 from the end of the month. Still no news on a new and improved PSP with built-in Flash memory though, but apparently there’s an EyeToy style camera peripheral on its way and a video voice-over-IP service to accompany it. And one announcement that should be of interest to Flash developers everywhere is that a forthcoming software update for the PSP will enable Flash compatibility. That’s due in Spring, apparently (although we know what happened last time Sony mentioned a Spring release)



1. Kasabian - March 20, 2006

A PSP price cut sounds good.
I’ve been considering getting one for a while now but £179 seems way to expensive for a handheld.
If the rumours are true about downloaing old PS1 games, I might have to get one.

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