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New Pocoyo site & blog! May 31, 2006

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The Pocoyo website has had an overhaul and it's ace! There's also a Pocoyo blog from the guys at Zinkia, the company that created Pocoyo. Essential reading.



Jonathan Harris is a genius May 31, 2006

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Jonathan Harris, the creator of 10×10 and other lovely things, has teamed up with Sepandar Kamvar of Google to create We Feel Fine, "an exploration of human emotion, in six movements". Fantastic.

Dead In Iraq May 26, 2006

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Joseph DeLappe, an associate professor at the University of Nevada Reno, has started using the US Army's online propaganda and recruitment tool, the "America's Army" game, as a protest platform. He logs in with other gamers, but rather than joining in with the killing, simply posts the names of soldiers who have died for real in the Iraq war. It's obviously provoking some interesting reactions from other gamers, one of whom responded by posting, "u aren't encouraging me to join the services". Duh

Pjotro, the man with the musical suit May 18, 2006

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This site's absolutely bonkers, but makes inspired use of Flash video

Yay! May 16, 2006

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Originally uploaded by SuperRabbit!.

These victory parades are becoming a bit of a habit for Liverpool!

Dynamic Drive CSS Library May 10, 2006

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CSS codes and examples – and it's all free!

Ted Nelson, Information Technology Pioneer May 10, 2006

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Ted Nelson
Last night I went to the Inaugural Roy Stringer Lecture at FACT in Liverpool. The lecture was given by Ted Nelson, founder of the Xanadu project and the man who coined the term "hypertext".

It was certainly an interesting evening; Ted stated that interactive software is "a branch of movie making", in the sense that both media consist of "events on the screen that affect the heart and mind of the viewer". Expanding on this he compared the OS GUIs of Mac and Windows systems, describing Steve Jobs as a very good movie director, and Bill Gates as a traffic cop. He suggested that anyone in the field of creating & developing interactive software should not study C# and CSS, but should instead look to the work of Orson Welles and Walt Disney (perhaps not too surprising, considering the apparent disdain he has for 'techies').

Naturally, he discussed the Xanadu project at length and the concept of transclusion (what a great word). As impressive as his idealism was though, you just can't ignore the fact that it's Tim Berners-Lee's vision that has brought the Internet into mainstream, everyday use, and not Ted Nelson's.

He's got a point about Bill Gates though. 

Sony E3 Press Conference May 9, 2006

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Sony have finally spilled a sizeable amount of beans about their plans for PS3, and I can't help thinking they've just handed the advantage to Microsoft.

The fact that they've made a big deal of announcing the final design for the "new" PS3 controller seems a bit of a joke now that they've revealed it's the same old DualShock we've been clutching since the PS1 was cutting edge. OK, so there are some refinements, but the extra functionality (motion sensing technology, wireless controller) have come courtesy of their competitors – The wireless XBox 360 controller is already a reality, and Nintendo announced their innovative motion sensing controller way back when Sony were still claiming the PS3 would be released Spring 2006.

Perhaps more importantly, launch dates and prices have also been revealed. 2 models will be available from November 17th (or November 11th if you live in Japan), and both will feature a hard drive as standard. If you thought the XBox360 was pricey, you might not want to hear this; a PS3 with 20GB hard drive will set you back £340/$499, and a 60GB version will be £410/$599.

where the happy music came from May 8, 2006

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where the happy music came from

Originally uploaded by h2okatcher.

I'm adding Vernazza, Cinqueterre in Italy to my list of places that I'd love to visit before I leave this mortal coil

DBS for 007 May 5, 2006

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Aston Martin DBS
Aston Martin have unveiled the car that James Bond will be driving in the forthcoming "Casino Royale". I'm sure you'll agree that the DBS is a sexy beast (if Aston Martins are your kind of thing) – no mention yet as to whether it'll have an ejector seat (or any other gadgets, for that matter).

Incidentally, I was watching Mission Impossible 2 last night and couldn't help thinking that Dougray Scott would've been a much better choice for the role of the new, grittier Bond than Daniel Craig. Let's just hope Daniel proves the doubters wrong when we finally see his performance.