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Sony E3 Press Conference May 9, 2006

Posted by rockysays in general, news, videogames.

Sony have finally spilled a sizeable amount of beans about their plans for PS3, and I can't help thinking they've just handed the advantage to Microsoft.

The fact that they've made a big deal of announcing the final design for the "new" PS3 controller seems a bit of a joke now that they've revealed it's the same old DualShock we've been clutching since the PS1 was cutting edge. OK, so there are some refinements, but the extra functionality (motion sensing technology, wireless controller) have come courtesy of their competitors – The wireless XBox 360 controller is already a reality, and Nintendo announced their innovative motion sensing controller way back when Sony were still claiming the PS3 would be released Spring 2006.

Perhaps more importantly, launch dates and prices have also been revealed. 2 models will be available from November 17th (or November 11th if you live in Japan), and both will feature a hard drive as standard. If you thought the XBox360 was pricey, you might not want to hear this; a PS3 with 20GB hard drive will set you back £340/$499, and a 60GB version will be £410/$599.



1. Nathan Pitman - June 6, 2006

Well, following the E3 announcements I’ve finally given up on Sony and gone I bagged myself a Xbox 360 and I’m pleasantly surprised by how friggin well the whole experience (Live etc) is put together. Kudos to Microsoft for being able to deliver way ahead of Sony and for living up to the hype.

2. rockysays - June 6, 2006

I think I’ll be joining you in bagging a 360 – provided I can convince the good lady that we need a next-gen games console more than we need a new living room carpet

3. Nathan Pitman - June 12, 2006

Music streaming is the answer.

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