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Ted Nelson, Information Technology Pioneer May 10, 2006

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Ted Nelson
Last night I went to the Inaugural Roy Stringer Lecture at FACT in Liverpool. The lecture was given by Ted Nelson, founder of the Xanadu project and the man who coined the term "hypertext".

It was certainly an interesting evening; Ted stated that interactive software is "a branch of movie making", in the sense that both media consist of "events on the screen that affect the heart and mind of the viewer". Expanding on this he compared the OS GUIs of Mac and Windows systems, describing Steve Jobs as a very good movie director, and Bill Gates as a traffic cop. He suggested that anyone in the field of creating & developing interactive software should not study C# and CSS, but should instead look to the work of Orson Welles and Walt Disney (perhaps not too surprising, considering the apparent disdain he has for 'techies').

Naturally, he discussed the Xanadu project at length and the concept of transclusion (what a great word). As impressive as his idealism was though, you just can't ignore the fact that it's Tim Berners-Lee's vision that has brought the Internet into mainstream, everyday use, and not Ted Nelson's.

He's got a point about Bill Gates though. 



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