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metacafe.com is SICK June 5, 2006

Posted by rockysays in general, news.

metacafe.jpgFor a while now, I've been a regular visitor to metacafe.com, but not anymore. I logged on this morning to find that their "Best of the day" clip is CCTV footage of a young British man being murdered in the street – stabbed for absolutely no reason whilst waiting for a lift home. "Best of the day"??? I mean there's horrible footage like this all over the Internet, but making it "Best of the day"? Absolutely disgusting, and from now on I'll be making a point of never visiting metacafe.com ever again



1. Torl Porl - October 12, 2006

I saw the sensibly edited version of this on the news a few weeks ago and that was shocking enough. Horrible!

2. naser - December 14, 2006

damn thats true…am sure f***head posting that earns bills!Truly horribe how death sells.But is metacafe sick..I think yes..bur the ones posting craps like that sure are..

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