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Hanover Street, Liverpool June 26, 2006

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Popped into Liverpool the other day for the first time in a while and saw this new building on Hanover Street. Don't really know anything about it except that I love it!

Given that so many interesting buildings in Liverpool are being demolished to make way for "Luxury Apartment" blocks that look like designer prisons, it's nice to see some striking new architecture appearing



1. R J S Liverpool - March 8, 2007

You love this building? I nearly cried when i saw this fresh scar on the beautiful city of Liverpool’s face. Architecture is similar to art in that nobody recognises a bad peice of work when some businessmen tell you it is good. Modernism is destroying the beauty of the world. I heared they nick named this filth the “Bling bling building” It sounds like some businessmen have sat their fat ass’s around a table and thought “We need a name that grabs people, something the kids will think is cool….. i know, the bling bling building!” This modern peice of shit is a desgrace and should be torn down right away. Where is the world heading? What happened to the architects who built the royal liver building, st georges hall, the world museam liverpool. This building is disgusting and people need to get a bit of self-esteem and stand up when they are told what to like by stock-holders who don’t give a fuck what building is constructred as long as thwey make a pofit! – R J S – Liverpool

2. C M M - December 6, 2007

Just a thought R J S but do you weat a toga and drive a chariot? Or is it only your opinions regarding architecture that are stuck in the past?

You are right about one thing though, both art and architecture should create feelings and on that level this piece succeeds whether you like it or not. Imagine if ancient greeks had held such a stagnant viewpoint and rejected the (then) modern architecture. We have to move forward with new ideas in order to learn and grow.

Architecture that everyone likes has a name – Bland.

3. CSM - March 7, 2008

RJS at least you notice the differance in buildings. I am worried though that you seem to suggest to us budding architects that we should not be innovative and come up with buildings with a different flavour from the past. The building looks modern and intersting in its on right.

4. RJS - June 13, 2008

My concern is that people like CSM will successfully convince the easilly suseptable public that these buildings are beautiful. It’s insulting that you expect me to go along with this “Futuristic and innovative” bull shit.
Cheap cheap cheap, that is why they are constructed.

And for the record, I wish I did live in the past, at least then architects wanted to create something beatutiful.

This building create feelings? In that case this building creates feelings of dispair. You should not call the architecture of the ancient Greeks “Modern.” You can NOT put it in the same league as the ugly architecture of the 21st century.

Bland? You are so pathetic.

5. kieran - June 14, 2008

wot should be in Liverpool ?
fake Victorian buildings that look cheap and phony or ones that people will like in the future
people dint like art deco buildings when they where constructed and people love them now

6. kieran - June 14, 2008

cmm you got the right idea

7. adam - October 5, 2008

looks like someone has lodged a cerial box into the top of a regular building but still very impressive

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