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Hanso Exposed July 26, 2006

Posted by rockysays in Flash, general, news, niceness, inspiration, Television, web design.

The third phase of The Lost Experience has been launched online at hansoexposed.com. It’s based around a simple video editing system; to unlock video clips for use in your video sequence you need to find code fragments, which can be found within various websites, blogs and podcasts. It’s all very esoteric and the site doesn’t give much away – yet. Apparently once all 70(!) code fragments have been found and the video clips have been arranged in the correct order, the significance of The Numbers will be revealed



1. Picsel - August 6, 2006

Good ARG idea but executed poorly, needs to be more puzzles to get these glyphs we are dying of boredom, Also the sites coding is poor, we constantly lose fragments but never know whih one we have lost, and saving the sequence doesnt always work even if you spent3 hours doing it and we dont even have half of the fragments yet… they need to update the site more seurely and add a “Remember Me” on the login for those of us who have longer e-mails

2. rockysays - August 7, 2006

Yeah, there are a few things that need addressing. I hate the way the site is so hard to read – the developers seem to have applied a slight blur to everything which really causes me some headaches!

3. AussieBoy - August 23, 2006

I agree. The site isnt exactly user friendly. Has anyone come close to organising the videos in the correct order yet?

4. rockysays - August 23, 2006

I’ve given up adding the codes – the novelty’s worn off for me (not helped by the site being a bit of a pain to use) – I think I’ll just cheat and wait for somebody else to post the correct sequence!

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