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inflatable ladies slip out of hands August 30, 2006

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This could be filed as ‘Most Bizarre Story of The Week by Miles’, or it could be filed under ‘Well What Did You Expect?!’

At this year’s Bubble Baba Sex Dolls Rafting Tournament (what do you mean you’ve never heard of it?) near St Petersburg, a competitor has been disqualified for sexually abusing his apparatus. As Igor Osipov approached the finish line, the jury noticed Osipov’s strange position and told him to moor. Sure enough, when he came out of the water, spectators saw “signs of recent sexual activity on the swimmer’s doll”, according to mosnews.com. The jury found the swimmer guilty of sexual abuse of the apparatus and disqualified him. Air sex dolls can be used only for swimming, organisers said. Now there’s an interesting point…is it possible to sexually abuse a sex doll? How far is too far?

Image courtesy of www.bubblebabachallenge.ru


Twat of The Week – Ben Thatcher August 27, 2006

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Why the hell hasn’t this arse been charged with GBH yet?

That’s a lot of paint August 18, 2006

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70,000 litres of paint
358 single bottle bombs
33 sextuple air cluster bombs
22 Triple hung cluster bombs
268 mortars
33 Triple Mortars
22 Double mortars
358 meters of weld
330 meters of steel pipe
57 km of copper wire

Sony have very cannily started building up anticipation for the next Bravia ad campaign by posting info on the production here. Well it works for me – I’m really looking forward to seeing the ad, directed by Jonathan Glazer. Judging by the image above, it looks like it’s set in a slightly less glamorous location than the “Balls” ad. That definitely isn’t San Francisco

Neave.tv :: Creativity in a telly stylee August 17, 2006

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Neave.tv screenshot
Neave.tv is an experimental use of the most creative videos found on the web, powered by Blip.tv, Google Video and YouTube.

I love this site. Nice simple idea, very well executed. Paul Neave, you’re a genius.

Desolation Row (C) August 16, 2006

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Desolation Row (C)

Originally uploaded by CantikFotos.
I know nothing about this except that it’s an abandoned housing project in Taiwan. Don’t know why it was abandoned – it seems a damn shame that a project as bold as this got so far along, then didn’t make it past the finishing line

A YouTube for videogames August 14, 2006

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Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! OK, so it was essentially marketing prose from Microsoft’s Peter Moore, but it’s a great idea.

Microsoft have announced a free software suite called XNA Game Studio Express that will enable anyone running Windows XP to create their own games for PC and XBox 360 (although if you want to create games for the 360 you’ll have to pay an annual $99 “Creators’ Club” subscription fee). Given the amount of manpower and time it takes to develop a console game these days, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what can be accomplished by small indie studios, or even bedroom coders. And considering the grumblings coming from developers about just how difficult it is to code for the PS3, this is a really canny move from Microsoft. The beta version of XNA Game Studio Express is due to be launched on August 30th. You can read more here

Lego Star Wars 2 August 10, 2006

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The Original Trilogy
The website for the new Lego Star Wars videogame has just gone live, and has some nice little touches. By visiting different parts of the site, you can earn studs, which will then buy you stuff like screensavers and wallpapers (whoopee). You can also download a PC demo of the game. Personally, I’m hoping they’ll release a downloadable PSP demo, but I’m not holding my breath

A Scanner Darkly – UK preview screenings August 9, 2006

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A Scanner Darkly
The Guardian are offering free tickets to preview screenings of A Scanner Darkly, the new Richard Linklater movie, this Sunday, 13th August at various screens across the UK – the full details are here. If anyone’s going to the screening at FACT in Liverpool, I’ll see you there!

Go Jensen August 6, 2006

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COME OOOOOOONNN!!! Jensen Button has just won his first Formula One Grand Prix in Hungary. It’s taken him 113 races to get there, but when the winning moment came there wasn’t a dry eye in the Honda house (I was getting pretty emotional myself). Let’s hope it’s the first win of many.

Live Free Or Die Hard August 4, 2006

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Hmm – not sure about this. 20th Century Fox have just announced that a fourth Die Hard movie, called “Live Free Or Die Hard”, will be released next June. Apparently Len Wiseman will be directing. According to Wiseman, this one will be on a grander scale than the previous three instalments, and centres on an attack on America’s computer infrastructure which begins to shut down the entire US of A. For me, the thing that gave the first couple of movies their USP was the fact that all of the action was concentrated in a particular location. If they take the plot nationwide, how will they make the movie different to any other action thriller?