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A YouTube for videogames August 14, 2006

Posted by rockysays in general, hmm...interesting, news, videogames.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! OK, so it was essentially marketing prose from Microsoft’s Peter Moore, but it’s a great idea.

Microsoft have announced a free software suite called XNA Game Studio Express that will enable anyone running Windows XP to create their own games for PC and XBox 360 (although if you want to create games for the 360 you’ll have to pay an annual $99 “Creators’ Club” subscription fee). Given the amount of manpower and time it takes to develop a console game these days, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what can be accomplished by small indie studios, or even bedroom coders. And considering the grumblings coming from developers about just how difficult it is to code for the PS3, this is a really canny move from Microsoft. The beta version of XNA Game Studio Express is due to be launched on August 30th. You can read more here



1. oh yeah - August 14, 2006

fuck it, gamers are gamers, we don’t like to think too much

2. Daniel Comstock - August 14, 2006

wow that is awesome hey y dont y come check me out at http://dantheman123ya.wordpress.com

3. mcandre - August 14, 2006

Comment #1 is unfortunately true. But that’s changing.

4. Dick Devos's Head - August 15, 2006

I have a totally cool game. It’s about an army of hackers trying to free a Disembodied Head.

I call it CHUDD!

5. PS3 Fan - August 15, 2006

Nothing new here Sony was always goin the open source route with PS3 anyhow,meaning coding for free on PS3.

6. Mr. C.C. - August 15, 2006

Will games be quality? I mean, I have an idea for a game. But it’s more towards Nintendo. It’s a wrestling game with every single wrestler and fighters from every wrestling and fighting game. By fighting game I mean Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc..

7. aboutmakingmoney - August 15, 2006

Thats great. It will cool to modify all the 360 games. Hopefully it will produce cool and intresting game. There are other good games besides street fighter. GReat idea to combine all the fighting games together but I think every gamers will love to play it. Especially Online.

8. drezoi - August 15, 2006

Mr. C.C. i think you should check out M.U.G.E.N. i think that is what you want……

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