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Use The Force, Pooch October 9, 2006

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This is so damn obvious; why did nobody think of it before? Surely every dog lover on the planet has always dreamt of dressing up their faithful friend as their favourite Star Wars character? No? Anyone mental enough to actually want one can order them here


Lego Star Wars 2 August 10, 2006

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The Original Trilogy
The website for the new Lego Star Wars videogame has just gone live, and has some nice little touches. By visiting different parts of the site, you can earn studs, which will then buy you stuff like screensavers and wallpapers (whoopee). You can also download a PC demo of the game. Personally, I’m hoping they’ll release a downloadable PSP demo, but I’m not holding my breath

A Scanner Darkly – UK preview screenings August 9, 2006

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A Scanner Darkly
The Guardian are offering free tickets to preview screenings of A Scanner Darkly, the new Richard Linklater movie, this Sunday, 13th August at various screens across the UK – the full details are here. If anyone’s going to the screening at FACT in Liverpool, I’ll see you there!

Live Free Or Die Hard August 4, 2006

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Hmm – not sure about this. 20th Century Fox have just announced that a fourth Die Hard movie, called “Live Free Or Die Hard”, will be released next June. Apparently Len Wiseman will be directing. According to Wiseman, this one will be on a grander scale than the previous three instalments, and centres on an attack on America’s computer infrastructure which begins to shut down the entire US of A. For me, the thing that gave the first couple of movies their USP was the fact that all of the action was concentrated in a particular location. If they take the plot nationwide, how will they make the movie different to any other action thriller?

Transformers Teaser Trailer June 30, 2006

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The first official promo clip for the upcoming Transformers movie really puts the ‘teaser’ into ‘teaser trailer’; I can imagine there are a few fanboys foaming at the mouth after seeing this. I just hope the movie (still nearly a year away) can live up to expectations


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…he wishes

DBS for 007 May 5, 2006

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Aston Martin DBS
Aston Martin have unveiled the car that James Bond will be driving in the forthcoming "Casino Royale". I'm sure you'll agree that the DBS is a sexy beast (if Aston Martins are your kind of thing) – no mention yet as to whether it'll have an ejector seat (or any other gadgets, for that matter).

Incidentally, I was watching Mission Impossible 2 last night and couldn't help thinking that Dougray Scott would've been a much better choice for the role of the new, grittier Bond than Daniel Craig. Let's just hope Daniel proves the doubters wrong when we finally see his performance.

Milking the Star Wars cash cow one more time May 4, 2006

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Well it's May 4th, the perfect day for Lucasfilm Ltd to officially announce that the original, unaltered Star Wars trilogy will be released on DVD in September. Whilst lots of hardcore Star Wars fans are getting excited that Greedo will no longer shoot first (or is it the other way round?), I'm getting pretty fed up with the way George Lucas and his cohorts keep conning us; if I remember rightly, not so long ago (around the time that the Special Edition DVDs were released, funnily enough) Georgie boy claimed that the original prints no longer existed. What happened, did he find them down the back of his couch?

New Bond Trailer May 3, 2006

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Daniel Craig as James Bond

The first official trailer for Casino Royale is now online (you can download the QuickTime movie here). Looks very moody and quite removed from what you'd expect from a James Bond movie (and I'm still not convinced about the casting). Hmmm…the last time they tried to reinvent Bond like this we got 'Licence To Kill', which misfired (excuse the pun #1) so spectacularly it effectively killed (excuse the pun #2) off the franchise for a few years. And in the traditional gun barrel shot shown here, Bond seems to be standing in a toilet. What's that about?!

Simpsons Movie Trailer April 4, 2006

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Following yesterday's post about the news that a Simpsons movie is on the way, here's the first official trailer (only a year and a quarter to wait!)