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Adam Ant October 20, 2006

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Adam Ant was a big hero of mine growing up; as far as I’m concerned he was one of the best, most exciting pop stars Britain has ever produced. Kings of the Wild Frontier was a huge album for me. A greatest hits album was released last month (along with his autobiography, which I’m about half way through – bloody hell, he’s had a hard life) and there’s a nice little microsite to accompany it. The official Adam Ant news service can be found here


Black Holes & Revelations June 29, 2006

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Muse - Black Holes and Revelations

The new album from Muse is out on Monday 3rd July in the UK (11th July in the States), and I’ve managed to get hold of a preview copy! I’ve been listening to it all week, and while I don’t think it’s quite the behemoth that Absolution was, it’s still an absolute cracker. Standout tracks for me are Starlight, Map of the Problematique, and Knights of Cydonia (that last track should be the cause of plenty of Wayne’s World style in-car head banging over the next few months)

Finger Drums June 23, 2006

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Got my Finger Drums yesterday – fantastic! It's a mouse mat that also doubles as a mini drumkit (of course) – there are pressure sensitive pads behind each of the drums & cymbals in the picture. I'm going to drive my colleagues SO mad with this!

Little Drummer Baby June 1, 2006

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Meet Julian Pavone, the World's Youngest Drummer*.

Nice drum kit (I'm assuming it belongs to one of his parents or relatives, or he's a seriously spoilt child; that's a DW Collectors Series!)

*yet to be recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records

Former Wonder Stuff drummer killed April 5, 2006

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In another 'of huge importance to some, of no interest to others' story, Martin Gilks has been killed in a motorcycle accident according to the NME. A sad day indeed.

Super Furry Animals dropped April 5, 2006

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This news will probably be of huge importance to some, and of absolutely no interest to others, but Super Furry Animals have apparently been dropped by their label, Sony BMG. How can a band that's recently produced an album as fantastic as Love Kraft get dropped?! I'm sure they'll have no trouble finding a new home where their creativity is appreciated a bit more; by my reckoning, a label like Parlophone might just fit the bill.

Digital distribution shaping the UK singles chart April 3, 2006

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This week's UK no.1 single, Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy", is the first track to ever reach no.1 on downloads only. The CD single is released this week, which I'd imagine will ensure that the track stays at no.1 for at least another week. It shows that legal downloads are really starting to drive the UK singles market. Not so long ago James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" and more recently Orson's "No Tomorrow" climbed slowly to the top position after weeks on the chart, the way that singles used to 15 or 20 years ago, before aggressive first-week CD single pricing and pre-release airplay blitzes saw to it that if a single didn't reach no.1 in its first week of release, then it was highly unlikely that it would get there at all. Now that there is a delivery mechanism that isn't subject to the kinds of desperate marketing that have been commonplace in the CD singles market for the last few years, tracks can earn chart placings almost on merit alone.

Additionally, over the last few years CD singles (in the UK) have mainly been bought by children and young teenagers, who I think it's safe to say generally prefer to listen to glossy throwaway pop performed by a bunch of grinning idiots just out of stage school. On the other hand, I think it's safe to say that people who download music legitimately are generally people who are actually interested in music. The net result of that is that we are now seeing tracks by people who actually write their own music and play their own instruments sitting at no.1, which, in my opinion, is a very good thing.

Go Taylor Hicks, Helllooo Katharine Mcphee March 13, 2006

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To my eternal shame, I seem to have been completely sucked into the latest series of American Idol. I’ve never really bothered with things like that before, partly because they’re so cheesy and partly because usually even the final contestants are hopelessly crap. But the standard in American Idol (this year at least, can’t comment on past series) is so much higher than in the UK version, X Factor. I’m actually quite excited to see who wins! Seriously!

Jamie Reeves is…Gobbie Williams March 6, 2006

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He’s Robbie right down to the tiger pants

New Muse on the way! February 13, 2006

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muse.jpgAccording to microcuts.net, the next single from ace British band Muse will be “A Crying Shame”. Apparently it’s out on May 1st, followed on May 16th by a new album. I’m counting the days.